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5 Benefits of Using Linux

Casual computer users know all about Windows. Both XP and Vista are highly publicized, and for good reason – Microsoft has created an easy to use operating system that, while it contains several bugs, generally accomplishes everything that the casual user needs to accomplish. However, while Windows may be a generally effective operating system for various uses, a Linux Operating System may be even better – for both the casual user and the growing business.

Benefits of Using a Linux Operating System

  1. Cost – The clear benefit of using Linux is the cost. Linux itself is free, but that is not the only area that costs are saved. Every program you load onto your Linux Operating System is going to be free as well. As open source, there is no program that requires extensive investment, saving you a great deal of money both now and in the future.
  2. Works on any hardware – Linux is a powerful operating system, but what makes it more impressive is that it can work well on any type of hardware. Even systems from back in the mid to late 1990’s can run the Linux Operating System.
  3. Evolved, Changing, Widely Available Programs – Open source programmers are passionate about their work, and those that enjoy the programs often work to improve them themselves. Because all of the software on a Linux Operating System is free, you can try several different programs to find the one that you like the most without spending any money.
  4. Customization – The system itself can be modified with someone that knows coding. But beyond that you can make your Linux system run or not run whatever you like. There are no mandatory programs or options that you cannot remove at a moment’s notice.
  5. Less Bugs/Openings – Linux systems are made to be as flaw free as possible. With fewer flaws, there is far less to exploit, and since it is written in the most simple code, it becomes harder to hack and harder to create viruses for. You have far more security on a Linux OS, with considerably less errors.

When you choose an operating system for your computer, you could choose Windows – it is well known, there are several good products for it, and it often comes with your computer. But a Linux OS (such as Redhat Linux) may be better suited for your needs, as there are far more programs, greater security, added customization, and everything with Linux is free.

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