Dedicated server for fighting video game Honor, announced Ubisoft

Ubisoft has announced that its fighting video game Honor will now have dedicated servers and it will hopefully resolve the connectivity complications

Ubisoft has announced that dedicated servers are on its way for Honor, the publisher’s hack-and-slash fighting video game.

The deficiency of online servers has extensive been blamed for all the connectivity complications that the avid gamers encounter on Pc considering that the title For Honor Introduced on February 14. Ubisoft has finally discovered a solution to it and they have announced that two seasons of multiplayer content material will be extra to the video game, with dedicated servers a aspect of that.

“We want to strengthen the security of the matches on 4 vs. 5. And we want to have an architecture that is more extensive term, that could assist us more in the potential for the issues we want to do upcoming,” wrote Damien Kieken, For Honor’s director, on a weblog publish of Ubisoft.

Below the present-day standing of For Honor’s online setup, if somebody nowadays quits, the video game pauses when the host migrates. With dedicated servers, “You really don’t have session host migration anymore,” Kieken said. “There is no video game pausing when someone leaves the session.”

The two new seasons that Kieken promised about, are scheduled to be introduced in August and November this 12 months. The seasons will supply more than just dedicated server assistance. A new “Duel Match,” method, ranked 4 vs. 4 PvP matches and a “brand new 4v4 PvP method have also been prepared and these all will be arrived at to the avid gamers quickly.

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