Kaminario’s K2 array flasher now will come with extra .N • The Sign up

Kaminario has introduced its K2.N procedure, the initial present array style and design to be developed for frontend NVMe-in excess of-fabrics access.

Pure Storage has demoed an conclude-to-conclude NVMe in excess of Materials setup, with Cisco, but has not announced any availability yet.

The K2.N is an extension of Kaminario’s K2 gen 6 array architecture. We have controller or c.nodes related across a converged NVME material – a mesh – to m.nodes, media chassis, which are JBOFs (Just a Bunch of Flash), and have 24 slots in a 2U enclosure. These can be filled with NVMe drives.

Two or far more c.nodes allow active:active controlling and they connect with accessing servers across NVMe in excess of Materials (Ethernet or Fibre Channel foundation), Fibre Channel or iSCSI.

There can be any ratio of c.nodes and m.nodes. Also diverse styles of c.nodes and m.nodes are obtainable,permitting shoppers optimise performance and potential, and scaling out their K2.N as wants dictate.


Gen 6 K2 array information reduction and security products and services are inherited by the K2.N, which will come with up-to-date VisionOS software package. K-RAID safeguards each individual SSD shelf independently with up to a few SSD failures, no single stage of failure, non-disruptive upgrades and 99.999 for each cent of information availability.

Kaminario’s Flex software package supplies dynamic composability and management of the actual physical components sources, generating virtual non-public arrays (VPAs) as needed on behalf of users. Several VPAs can share components sources. VPAs can be dynamically scaled up or down source-smart, varying their use if the fundamental actual physical array sources as that normally takes location.

Flex has Relaxation-centered APIs so integrates with other management software package entities.

The company sees new availability versions emerging as components failures can be detected, replaced and provisioned from within the software package. New tiering versions will materialise with the ability to dynamically go information from one particular tier to a different with no actual physical reconfiguration. Effectiveness-delicate workloads can “borrow” extra controller compute from the pool to deal with surge necessities and then return them to the pool when no extended needed.

Kaminario’s Clarity cloud ecosystem is employed to present array procedure analytics.


K2.N concept diagram

Components associates with Kaminario for K2.N involve:

  • AIC – HA202I-PH, a 2U all-NVMe flash array dual-node server system
  • Broadcom – RoCE-enabled NetXtreme Ethernet NICs and Storage SoCs
  • Brocade (Broadcom) – NVMe in excess of Fibre Channel
  • Mellanox – RoCE in excess of Ethernet know-how with HW acceleration
  • Supermicro – X11 server and storage portfolio supporting NVMe

Get a K2.N datasheet listed here (PDF).

K2.N will be obtainable in the initial 2018 quarter. The K2 array will continue to be bought together with K2.N as a result of 2018 and over and above as the high quality on NVMe-centered components systems erodes. Kaminario Flex will be obtainable in the next fifty percent of 2018. ®

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